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21-05-2012, 10:21

Transfer of the car, minibus to European countries.

Категория: Информация

Transfer of the car, minibus to European countries.


We offer services of individual carriage by car and minibus in all countries of Europe from Ukraine.

Our cars located in cities:





By your request the car or minibus can be driven to the hotel, railway station, airport.


We make transfering transportation from European countries to any city of Ukraine.

All cars and minibuses equipped with air-conditioning.


Price on transfer of the car, minibus.


Base price of transfer passenger car is 0.52 Euro per 1km of passed distance.

Base price of transfet minibus 0.55 Euro per 1km of passed distance.


Vienna - Uzhgorod, distance 574km. travel time about 6 hours. Cost of transfer of car 300Euro, cost of transfer of minibus 320Euro.


Per order of transfer from Ukraine in European Countries there is no need of prepay - payment can be made with the driver after delivering the car.


How to order transfering of car or minibus?


Simple send as an e-mail:




application in any form, but obligatorily indicate:


- date and time of delivery of the auto,

- address of delivery of the auto,

- in case if it is needed to meet you on railway station or in airport, then please attach to request the scan (electronic copy) of your ticket on the train or airplane,

- number of people and if there are children of age under 10,

- quantity and the volume of the luggage,

- route of transfer,

- your contact phone numbers,

- preffered spoken language?


In reply letter you will receive information about cost of transfer and information about car(minibus) brand.

In case if everything suits you then you will be informed with contact number of the driver of auto and transfer will be consider ordered.


We are ready to answer any questions.

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